Levan Songulashvili – Georgian discovery of world art

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25-year-old Georgian artist Levan Songulashvili has already gained fame thanks to his works.
On October 24, at Take Home a Nude auction which held at Sotheby’s Auction House where Levan’s ‘The Nun (Dunte)’, painted in 2012, was selected among the works by the world’s leading contemporary artists, and was sold to an American art collector, who was the luckiest among dozens of others who wanted to buy Levan’s work.

Last year, at the same auction, Songulashvili’s another painting, ‘The Jellyfish’ was sold.

Let us tell you more about Levan’s success stories and the path he has followed in recent period.

On September 25, Levan Songulashvili was awarded by New York State Assembly for his achievements and contribution in arts.

On September 15, again in Great Britain, this time at London’s Saatchi Gallery, Songulashvili’s works were once again praised.

On August 13, at one of the most prestigious galleries in Manhattan, Booth Gallery, a one-month-long exhibition called The Fourth Wall took place, where Levan Songulashvili was presented among 15 international artists (Odd Nerdrum, Mercedes Helnwein, Adam Miller, Mike Cockrill, etc). According to the curators of the exhibition, Songulashvili was the youngest among them but at the same time one of the most important ones.

Before that, on March 20, after Songulashvili’s success at London’s global art fair called Art 16, a Belgian newspaper published an article about the Georgian artist entitled “Existentialism in painting, discover the art of Levan Songulashvili”, where Levan was distinguished among dozens of artists presented by galleries of 30 countries. According to the article, Songulashvili is a new discovery who deserves special attention from critics, artists and other parts of the society.

Now, the world media is waiting for another very important exhibition, which is due to open at Brooklyn Museum on November 4. The exhibition is called Iggy Pop Life Class. Last week, Guardian magazine has published an article, where the details of the exhibition were announced.

The organizers of this exhibition are Jeremy Deller, a British artist who is the winner of Turner prize and Brooklyn museum. It was Deller and Sharon Matt Atkins (Vice Director, Exhibitions and Collections Management) who have chosen Levan Songulashvili

for this unique project. Levan has created 4 paintings especially for this event (works ranging from five-minute sketches to studies to presentation drawing) that will be exhibited among the works by Egon Schiele, Max Beckmann, Daniel Huntington; the photos by Edward Muybridge, Horace Bristol, Gil Steinhardt, Robert Mapplethorpe, John Coplans; as well as the statues and monuments of ancient Egypt, Africa, India, Japan and Mexico and other participant artists’ works.

During the opening ceremony there will be presented a new book called Iggy Pop Life Class, where, together with different works, the process of painting and other important details are depicted.

The exhibition will last till March 26, 2017 and will then travel around other important galleries and museums of the USA.

Source: GeorgianJournal